Is Your Topic Feasible?

Finding Multiple Sources of Data in Case Study Research

Picking the Best Sources for Your Dissertation

What is the Real Cost of Staying in School?

I was thinking about the financial and human cost of staying in school another two quarters. What are the real costs I wondered. Let’s deal with the financial first. Most graduate students pay roughly $4,000/quarter. So, a couple of semesters is $8,000. With a 15-year repayment schedule at 2017-2018 rates of 6%, the interest is $4,151.54.

Professional and Academic Writing

The Importance of Search Terms for Literature Searches

To Err is Human: What are Type I and II Errors?

Acronyms and Abbreviations in APA

The Art of the Semi-Structured Interview Part 1: Developing an Effective Interview Protocol

Qualitative Sampling Techniques

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