Informed Consent Part 1: What is it and when do you need it?

What resources do you need for your dissertation?

Shortcuts and Pitfalls: What to Avoid when Working on Your Dissertation (Part 1)

Dissertation Versus Project Study: What’s the Difference?

The Benefits of Outlining

Data Separation

Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

Give Me a (Page) Break

Maintaining APA Format for Tables

The Prospectus Blues and Burnout

Many students I speak with say something like, “I made straight A’s in my courses, so why can’t I get my prospectus approved?”  It’s a common, and frustrating, circumstance. One reason is that classes are time-limited, you have colleagues to help, and you have one instructor. The dissertation process is just the opposite. There is

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