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Survey Services Overview

Do you have an accurate profile of your ideal customer?  Do you understand what customers want and need from your products? Do you know why customers are choosing your products over competitors’ products or why they choose a competitor product over yours? Do you know if your content is connecting and serving the needs of your customer base?  These are all very important questions you should be able to answer about your customers because the answers drive the decisions you make about your company, what products you focus on, new products to develop, how your advertising dollars will be spent and how to better compete with your competitors.  What’s the best way to gain this business intelligence?


Surveys are a crucial element is establishing and monitoring customer and competitor intelligence. Did you know that surveys are actually admissible in court?  Surveys are powerful tools that carry a high degree of validity and trust, but they must be well crafted, targeted, administered carefully to ensure the proper sample size, and properly interpreted, and presented in order for the survey to provide valuable business intelligence that you can act on.

Another great benefit of surveys is that the material and information gained through the survey can be used as source material for your content marketing from blogs to articles, forum discussions and advertising materials.  Surveys play an important role in addressing the top layers of the marketing funnel.

Statistics Solutions are experts in designing, inferring, analyzing, describing, reporting, and presenting results in an informative and easy to understand format that enables companies to make the most of the information.  The data presented suggests action steps that the company can take and implement immediately.

Leave the logistics and details of big data surveys to Statistics Solutions so you can focus on the big picture and the big decisions.

Statistics Solutions provides key assistance in:

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