Propensity to Purchase Analysis

Leading to Conversion–Lead Scoring Analysis

Do you understand the difference between a lead and a qualified lead? Can you quantify a lead’s true return on your investment?  Lead scoring purchase analysis is the answer to separating out non-productive leads from highly qualified leads that are most likely to convert into sales.  No more wild goose chases for the sales team.

Your sales and marketing team need the ability to identify and focus their energy on the greatest opportunities to close sales. Lead scoring analyzes things like transaction data, personal and business demographics, geography, and organizational size to develop a lead score similar to organizations that create FICO or credit scores.  By focusing on the highest quality leads you optimize the time of your sales and marketing team so they can focus on the customers most likely to buy your products or services. Why waste time on those people who can’t or aren’t very likely to buy from you?

Ranking leads from high to low gives you a clear picture of where to spend your marketing and advertising dollars as well as your time and focus. When coupled with segmented market studies you gain a very clear picture of what your target market is as well as a clear customer profile.

Our experts are standing ready to help you propel your conversion rates way up, and push your sales to the next level with our lead generation scoring analysis. We provide you with everything you really need to know to effectively use your best leads to drive your net profits.

Don’t let your competitor’s beat you to the conversion–get started with a lead scoring analysis now!