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Academic FAQs

What is your turnaround time?

For data anlaysis plans our typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks, for quantitative results our typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

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How long does a dissertation take?

The time to complete a dissertation can realistically range from 1-2 years.  Your focus, your committee, whether you use primary or secondary data, IRB, and the number of revisions, all play a role in the length of time.  A key is to find out from other students how it was to work with a particular chair, how timely is their feedback, and did the chair seem to want to get you through.

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How do I stay motivated?

Motivation is an inside job.  It’s important to remember that we are 100% responsible for what happens (good and bad), that it’s our job to create and maintain the vision of us completing the thesis or dissertation, and that how we prioritize our time is key.  Also, get the support (e.g., emotional, time, money, etc.) that you need.

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How do I select a topic?

Topic selection is important, but not if it takes to 6 months to do it.  Find something that’s interesting, that a committee can agree with, and begin.  The key to a doable project are clear research questions written in statistical language, having instruments that measure the constructs of interest, having access to participants, and that you have a procedure to administer the instruments to those participants.  (Remember too: while you wait for the perfect topic, you are spending your precious time and tuition money).

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How do I work with small samples?

Many small samples will not allow you to conduct inferential statistics such as ANOVA’s.  A better choice would be to select non-parametric statistics or just keep it a descriptive study.


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How do I access my online membership?

We have posted a video to walk members through accessing their membership and all of the membership resources: Online Membership Tutorial

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What will the free 30-minute consultation include?

When you contact Statistics Solutions for consulting services, we will schedule you for a free 30-minute consultation with Dr. James Lani, owner and head statistician.  During this consultation, Dr. Lani will review your research questions, research instrument(s) and data if available in order to gain an understanding of your research study and make the correct decisions on the appropriate analyses.  Dr. Lani will then provide you with an outline of our services with the tasks, time-frame and fees specific to your study.

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I have a small project- am I in the right place?

Statistics Solutions provides consulting services for projects of all sizes and will provide a free 30-minute consultation on your research study no matter the scale.

We have found that many come to our company with a small project and find that it is much more complex than was assumed. Likely, there are many aspects of the project that have been overlooked or the complexity of the project is not fully understood.  Dr. Lani has the experience to understand the entire scope of a project during the initial consultation and guarantees the completion of every project that is quoted.

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What do I need for the initial consultation? Why?

Statistics Solutions will ask that you provide information on your research study prior to your initial consultation.  The reason for this is that it is impossible for Dr. Lani to understand your research study and make decisions on the statistical analyses if he does not have information on this study.

If you are in the early phases of completing your dissertation, you will be asked to submit your proposal which should include your research questions.

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Who is doing the statistical consulting and what are their qualifications?

Dr. James Lani, owner and head statistician oversees all projects completed by Statistics Solutions.  Dr. Lani has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and over 18 years of experience in providing statistical consulting services to doctoral students and researchers.

We have senior statisticians with a Ph.D. in statistics that can provide support on extremely complex projects that involve cluster analysis and structural equation modeling.  Our mid level statisticians have years of experience in statistical consulting and explaining the analysis to clients in a way that they can easily understand.  Our junior level statisticians provide data management services and assist with all other projects.

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How much do consulting services cost?

Statistics Solutions provides assistance in projects ranging from basic descriptive statistics to complex structural equation modeling.  There is a wide range of projected time and costs on projects and therefore, there is no basic cost per project.

Costs are quoted on a per project basis and there is no set formula for determining the price of your project before your initial consultation.  Dr. Lani must first analyze your research project in order to set the project parameters, timeline and level of involvement in specialized work before providing your detailed quote.

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How is work delivered to me?

We most frequently communicate with clients via email although we have the capabilities to support a variety of file sharing and information sharing techniques.

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Do you require that I cite Statistics Solutions as a reference in my dissertation?

Statistics Solutions does not require that you cite our company or any of our statisticians as a reference in your dissertation.  The services that we provide will assist you with your statistical analysis but will not write your dissertation.  In many cases we are only reporting the statistical results and it is the client’s responsibility to use those results in their dissertation.

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