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Intellectus Statistics: An Essential for DNP Programs

Intellectus Statistics

Smarter Tools for Enhanced Learning™

Intellectus Statistics™ can address core foundational competencies and provide necessary academic infrastructure for DNP programs.  Whether DNP programs are educating students to take on strong leadership positions, becoming a healthcare policy maker, or preparing students for APN roles, Intellectus Statistics is the superior practice-focused tool for programs and candidates.

Essentials for Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice

Given the Essentials for Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (2006), Intellectus Statistics supports three primary essential areas.  In the Clinical Scholarship and Analytical Methods for Evidence-Based Practice (Essential III), Intellectus Statistics prepares students to analyze data for practice, analyze outcomes and disseminate findings.  The tool does so by giving students a friendly user interface, a comprehensive array of statistical techniques (detailed description of features), and the interpreted output and narrative (sample narrative output) to analyze and present findings.

The Information Systems/Technology and Patient Care Technology for the Improvement and Transformation of Healthcare essential (Essential IV) describes the use of technology to evaluate programs of care and web-based learning to improve patient care.  Intellectus Statistics is a web-based tool that easily permits students to conduct analyses on pilot data and in moments determine whether a program or intervention is working or not.

The Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving the Nation’s Health essential (Essential VII) describes the preparation of students to analyze epidemiological, biostatistical, and other scientific data.  Intellectus Statistics™ allows students to upload Excel data, interactively visualize that data, and accurate results so students can make their own data-driven decisions.

DNP Projects

A well-executed final DNP project demonstrates mastery.  Intellectus Statistics™ is the superior tool to analyze a pilot study, evaluate a program, or examine a quality improvement project.  (Give it a try for free)  In a time where evidence-based activities matter, this tool facilitates quantitative analyses as doctoral students, but perhaps even more importantly, when students return to their workplace to improve patient outcomes.

Academic Infrastructure

As the Essentials document states, “Sufficient… equipment and other resources should be available to accomplish attainment of DNP program goals and to promote practice and scholarship.”  Intellectus Statistics™ is simply the best in the class tool for conducting, interpreting and presenting research findings in the world.  The tool can be an important complement to the resources used to promote outstanding scholarship.


Learn more.  We invite you to learn more about incorporating this tool into action research, introduction to research design and statistics, and DNP projects.

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Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (2006).  American Association of Colleges of Nursing.  Washington, DC.

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