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The methodology chapter of the dissertation (an integral part of the dissertation proposal) is a challenge for most students.  It has sections that the student has never written before, and sometimes, has not even had a class on!  As you know by now, the method has many parts, including the articulation of research questions and null hypothesis in statistical language, the research design, the instrument and unit(s) of analysis, the definitions of constructs,  a description of the types of data (and crosswalk), a statistical analysis plan, and sample size justification (power analysis).

The methodology is important because it tells the reader what you’re planning to do and how you’re going to do it.  It tells the reader how to replicate the study if they wanted to, as well as how it may or may not generalize to other populations.

At Statistics Solutions, we have written, edited and consulted on literally thousands of methodology chapters.  We’d be glad to review what you have written, assist you in clarifying aspects of it, or work with committee or IRB feedback.

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