Dissertation Consulting Services

Dissertation consulting is a process of assisting students and researchers with (1) designing experiments, (2) assisting in the selecting and analyzing of instruments, (3) determining the required sample size for the research, (4) selecting and conducting of the appropriate statistical analysis, and (5) the writing-up and explaining of the results.  Dissertation consulting should provide the researcher is assistance in designing their quantitative, qualitative or mixed method research.  Consultants should have a clear grasp of reliability of the instruments, and how to obtain the various kinds of content and construct validity.  Once the consultant has an understanding of the research questions and constructs, the correct statistics to examine those questions and sample size can be determined.

Who Utilizes Dissertation Consulting Services?

Doctorate students from many disciplines very often use a dissertation consultant.  If you are a graduate student you have undoubtedly spent time struggling with your research statistics, sample size determination, and the interpretation of your statistics.   Students often ask if it’s ok to use a consultant, or if it’s ethical to obtain statistical consulting.  As a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, we were trained to get a consult if we were unsure of how to handle a clinical issue.  Statistics Solutions is a group of methodologists and statisticians that have been through the research process and selected sample sizes and analyses for thousands of students. This is a level of expertise that a graduate student could not have garnered in one or two research methods or statistics courses.

What are the Qualifications for a Dissertation Consultant?

Dissertation consultants generally have a master’s or Ph.D. in statistics or in the social and behavioral sciences.  While I am a bit biased in my judgment, I believe that training in the social sciences make for great statistical consultants (e.g., you may see departments with statisticians housed in psychology or nursing programs, but never have nursing or psychology methodologists housed in statistics departments!).   Most individuals can conduct statistics, yet graduate students may need the extra support that a research consulting company can provide; a group that has the research methodology training and experience.  Therefore, having a firm grounding in research methods and various statistical techniques, and can teach it, seem to me to be the critical requisites of dissertation consulting.

What are the Benefits of Statistical Consulting?

A dissertation statistics consultation is the best way for a student to get help on his or her dissertation, and a student should not wait to seek that help. Dissertation consulting is the appropriate assistance to any student who is struggling with a dissertation or proposal.  The earlier the student seeks the help of a dissertation consultant, the earlier the help will be given and the shorter the amount of time that the student will be struggling. Thus, seeking dissertation consulting early is key in terms of the student minimizing the stress, anxiety and frustration that he or she may feel as he or she struggles through the difficult, lengthy and time consuming task of working on the dissertation.  Statistical consulting is extremely helpful because a dissertation statistics consultant will provide assistance to a student who is stuck somewhere in their research, analyses or statistical procedures.

How Can Statistics Solutions Assist with Dissertation Consulting?

Here at Statistics Solutions, we provide consulting services to help dissertation students complete the methodology and results portions of their dissertations and, ultimately, complete their degrees.  We can review your research hypotheses, instruments, data analysis plan, sample size calculation, and data collected during a free 30-minute phone consultation that will give you a better idea of how these services can benefit your dissertation development.