Mediation Analysis

Statistics Solutions provides a data analysis plan template for mediation analysis. You can use this template to develop the data analysis section of your dissertation or research proposal.

The template includes research questions stated in statistical language, analysis justification and assumptions of the analysis.  Simply edit the blue text to reflect your research information and you will have the data analysis plan for your dissertation or research proposal.

Copy and paste the following into a word document to use as your data analysis plan template.

Research Question:

To what extent does mediator mediate the relationship between independent variable and dependent variable?

H0Mediator does not mediate the relationship between independent variable and dependent variable.

HaMediator does mediate the relationship between independent variable and dependent variable.

Data Analysis

To examine the research question, a Baron and Kenny mediation analysis will be conducted to assess if mediator mediates the relationship between independent variable and dependent variable. To assess for mediation, three regressions will be conducted.  The first regression has independent variable predicting dependent variable.  The second regression has independent variable predicting mediator.  The third regression has independent variable and mediator predicting dependent variable.

 In order for mediation to be met, four conditions must be met.  First, independent variable must be related to dependent variable (regression 1).  Second, independent variable must be related to mediator (regression 2).  Third, in the final regression, mediator should remain a significant predictor of dependent variable.  Fourth, in the final regression, independent variable should no longer significantly predict dependent variable.  If all four conditions are met, full mediation is supported.  If only the first three conditions are met, then partial mediation is supported.


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