Crushing It: Focus—Vision—Meaning—Action

Posted October 5, 2016

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What does it take to live an extraordinary life?  What would it mean to crush it?  An old friend once said, “the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your questions.”  So let’s start asking questions!

Focus.  What do you want to focus on?  What do your relationships look like?  How are your kids, parents, friends doing?  What’s going on in your work life?  How are your formal and non-formal educational pursuits going?  Are you making a contribution in your job?  How is your health?  What have you been ignoring?  What have you been doing to up your game?  Pick 20 top domains to focus on.

Vision. So once you’ve chosen what to focus on, you are in a position to see the ideal vision in each of these areas.  I’ll give you an example.  When I come home from work each day I choose to focus on my 16-month-old daughter Jasmine.  My ideal vision with her is to be present, teach her, and to be silly and make her laugh.

Meaning.  After you have your focus and ideal vision, ask yourself “what meaning does that vision have for you?”  Continuing with the example, teaching Jasmine and making her laugh means to me that I’m doing a good job as a parent, I’m developing a smart, light-hearted person in the world, and I’m helping develop a thoughtful woman.

Action.  Now that you have a focus, vision, and the meaning that vision has for you, think about what action you want to follow.  For me, I go home with clear thoughts so I can be present with her (I’m not distracted), I find ways to be goofy with her (typically, I sneak around and play peek-a-boo), and look for spontaneous and non-spontaneous opportunities to teach her no matter the activity.

When we think about our best life, what we want to focus on, the ideal vision, what it means to us, and what actions to take, then I know we’ll all be crushing it!

To your extraordinary life!

Very best, James


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