Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Analysis

Improve Your Marketing Campaigns Through Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analysis

Marketing campaigns can be enhanced by using cross-sell/up-sell analysis.  These analyses tell you which additional item D, E or J is most likely to be sold with item A, B, or C.

These analyses are based on association rules which yield a Lift Ratio.  Lift ratios above 1.0 suggest the rule is worthwhile.

cross-sell/up-sell analysis

Net Revenue Through Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analysis

Cross-sell/up-sell analysis, through the use of association rules, can inform you of the next best offer to suggest to a customer.


  • Calculation and table of the different rules;
  • Determine the Lift ratio of each rule;
  • Write-up of finding, verbal explanation, and recommendations.


Whitepaper:Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Modeling