Virtual CMO™

Virtual CMO™ Program

Virtual CMO

Are you trying to figure out how to use your data but can’t decide where to start?  Do you need some fresh ideas and perspectives on how to use your data more effectively? You aren’t alone. Many companies are able to stay profitable and have a good sales team but they are missing out on opportunities they fail to find within their data.

Statistics Solutions Virtual CMO™ program is a complete marketing analytics program that is designed to drive smarter data-driven marketing and sales decisions.  From organizing and cleaning data to the creating of key performance indicators, and assessing the areas of greatest opportunities we pull out from the data those things you need to know to make smarter, business savvy decisions.

Our Virtual CMO™ program looks at various areas of the business in terms of the data. Areas include:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer segmentation
  • Cross-selling
  • Customer retention
  • Product forecasts
  • Forecasting of the most profitable marketing spend/advertising/PPC/Content marketing
  • Marketing ROI

Using Data For Marketing Purposes

We help you utilize:

  • Segmentation findings to identify the specific message target for each group.
  • Create and use customer profiles of highly profitable customer groups to:
    • Develop effective marketing campaigns targeted to your most likely to purchase customers and prospects
    • Identify and optimize the most profitable sales targets for your team.
    • Create targeted email campaigns, content marketing, re-targeting and PPC campaigns
    • Create a social media persona and strategy to optimize the viral effect of your most likely to purchase target market through likes, tweets, etc.

It’s free to learn how our programs can improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, and improve your marketing team’s performance. Take your marketing to the next level and increase your marketing ROI.