Achieve your academic goals with the Statistics Solutions team. As experts in quantitative and qualitative dissertation research requirements, our consulting services facilitate the completion of your chapters and allow you to overcome the challenges that prevent you from graduation.

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With 20 years of experience, Statistics Solutions is the leader in dissertation consulting. Three characteristics distinguish us: competence, trustworthiness and confidentiality. Our competence is validated by successfully assisting more than 5,000 dissertation students with the flow and synthesis of their literature review, selecting the appropriate approach for their methodology, addressing URR/IRB application comments, and creating the results chapter.  Our trustworthiness is affirmed by our Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Your privacy is our highest priority: your data, methods, and name are held in strict confidence. Most importantly, we provide the ongoing support needed to move smoothly and successfully through the dissertation process.

How we help?

  • One-on-one personalized dissertation consulting;
  • Free online survey and statistical analyses directories;
  • Online membership resources;
  • Statistics Solutions Pro, a quantitative analysis interpretation game-changer, generating statistical analyses that are interpreted with APA tables and figures in just minutes

One-to-One Dissertation Consulting

Our dissertation consulting services assist you to successfully complete your introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion. We use our expertise in each section—along with our experience in your school’s rubrics—to quickly and effectively assist you through your dissertation process. Whether you can’t get started or you feel stuck somewhere along the way, we can surely help.

Free Online Directories

Using free, category-specific online directories that provide descriptions of the common statistical tests and survey instruments used in the social sciences allows you to make decisions about your own research methods. You’ll also learn about the variety of valid and reliable questionnaires, scales, and subscales, get links to purchase them, and learn where to secure approval to use them. Our familiarity with the tests and surveys will help you quickly weed through your numerous options.

Online Membership Services

We offer three lifetime membership levels:

  • Gold is perfect for highly motivated students doing quantitative analyses who will find the data analyses templates and SPSS tutorials enormously helpful. It also includes all features of the Bronze and Silver memberships.
  • Silver is great for students who need assistance with sample size and power analysis. It also includes all Bronze membership features.
  • Bronze is useful for students just getting started and includes a dissertation template to work from and tools to help you stay on track.

Statistics Solutions Pro

Statistics Solutions Pro is the most learner-friendly, intuitive, statistical analysis application on the planet. Conducting and interpreting statistical analyses poses a challenge for many students, but with this powerful cloud-based software, you can generate an accurate, reliable quantitative APA results document in seconds. Statistics Solutions Pro is essential for any student who needs to use statistical analyses to draw appropriate conclusions from data.