A/B Split Testing

The ABC’s of Campaign Testing–A/B Split Testing

How do you know your campaigns are delivering the leads you need?  Do you understand which campaigns are the best?  Can you say with certainty what types of communications work best with your customer?

A/B testing helps you determine which marketing campaign(s) are most effectively communicating your message and driving traffic to your site, what packaging moves products better, what call-center or telemarketing script is most effective for sales.  A/B Split testing can be used to understand your visitor behaviors and priorities when they visit your site and to diagnose problem pages on your site and provide clues for how to fix any problems.

A/B testing provides companies a way to support recommended changes and improvements based on hard numbers. A/B split testing results used in combination with subject matter expertise increase your ability to persuade management of necessary changes or process improvements.

Consistent testing increases the knowledge base of your organization and provides the basis to optimize processes and procedures. Let Statistics Solutions manage your A/B Split testing to insure accurate, useful information to move your company forward in all areas of your marketing program from website to email, packaging and PPC campaigns.